Zihan Garments Industries Ltd is one of the most successful ready-made garments manufacturers in Bangladesh
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Prome Print is one of the most successful Printing Factory in Bangladesh
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Crosswear Industries Ltd is one of the most successful ready-made garments manufacturers in Bangladesh; is a country that has a historical background and which has great potential in the field of garment manufacturing. Crosswear Industries Ltd. was established in 2006 and since its establishment, we earn expertise in producing various kinds of knit garments products for Kids, Boys, Girls, Men’s & Ladies, and all other knit items as required by our clients. We assure a perfect blend of quality and efficiency in every step of production

Why Us

The Cost Advantage

The Cost Advantage: Bangladesh is one of the least expensive countries for garment production worldwide due to the low cost of labor, high industry motivation, government incentives, zero import cost for garment accessories needed, and various other factors. These cost advantages can be utilized to gain price and quality benefits and give the best value to our customers.

The Technological Advantage

We have one of the most advanced technology setup and services for garment manufacturing in Bangladesh. Our machines have been imported from the US and Europe in all areas of production, with each machine being handpicked by our finest industrial engineers who ensure quality and productivity throughout.

The Quality Advantage

The Quality Advantage: Quality is at the core of all our operations. We strive to deliver the highest quality possible in a timely manner. Our skilled workforce has been trained to ensure quality is achieved for every order. All our products are subject to a rigorous quality check and approval process to further ensure production quality is maintained at all levels.



Policy of Zihan Group

Compensation & Benefits

When most people hear the term compensation they think about “what a person is paid”. Although this is true, it is only one aspect of a complex topic.

Child Labor & Remediation

Child labor remediation policy refers to what actions the employer proposes to take in case child labor is found in his organization.

Health & Safety

All workers have the right to return home each day safe and sound. Preventing work-related illness and injury is the most important job at any workplace.

Environmental Policy

An environmental policy is the organization’s overall environmental performance intentions and direction formally expressed by top management.